SATURDAY embodies the carefree spirit of the weekend soul.
It emphasizes the simplicity and comfort of wearable fashion.
Denoted by its careful draping and asymmetrical designs, the brand reflects every facade of a modern woman.

SATURDAY weaves a strong identity with its quirky take on classic forms.
Designer Nic Wong understands the importance of timeless design and its ability to transcend trends and create a strong identity for the wearer.
Each collection marries classic styles with up-to-date aesthetic elements.
The garments are carefully thought through to ensure premium quality and impeccable cuttings.
This commitment in fashion has drawn attention from the industry across many regions.

SATURDAY is currently stocked in major cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, San Diego, Canada and London.



Regarded as one of the first quintessential singapore designers to pioneer new grounds in the singapore fashion scene, Nic Wong has always been accredited for his meticulous attention to geometrically quirky details in his understated designs.
The crisp cleanliness of his designs are typical of his sensitivity towards technical construction.

In 2001, Nic bagged the Atelier East Design Excellence Award for fashion design and scored a scholarship to pursue his studies in fashion design with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.
Upon graduation with distinctions, he was voted as one of singapore’s top ten fashion graduates and was awarded with a merit award under the category of ‘best menswear collection’.
Subsequently, Nic emerged winner of the mercedes benz asia fashion award (singapore) in 2004 with his first womenswear collection.

These achievements propelled the launch of his first fashion label, nicholas in 2005.
The widely recognized label represents nic's unique aesthetics and impeccable workmanship.
In 2009 and 2012, Nic spearheaded Saturday and Cruise that rises to regional fame with its new take on fashion basics.
Apart from his designing work, Nic is often invited by local art school to conduct lectures, as an external examiner and judge for school graduations as well as an acting mentor for up and coming Singapore designers as part of the fashion incubator project.